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Light-skinned Black is still not white but can afford you certain instances of tolerance; not acceptance.

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I first learned about Brown Privilege when years ago someone said to me: “You’re not Black right… so you’re good.” As if, in their mind, being Black was an affront to humankind. The worst thing that someone could be, or at the very least, perceived.

Though those words left an…

Maybe fear in others is a good thing especially when it’s the result of bullying.

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I was picked on relentlessly when I was younger. Growing up Black in white suburbia, the bullying was, well… chef kiss. I didn’t just receive the garden-variety “early to late adolescent” harassment, I had the distinction of being the only Black kid in an all-white school, making me a frequent…


Blatant racism doesn’t even take a break for a moment so you can enjoy dinner.

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When my son was younger, I had a brief window of time to spend with him on Tuesday and Thursday evenings — damn visitation order — so our typical go-to activity was to get dinner before I brought him back to his mother’s house.

Distance limited our dinner options but…

Ignorant inquiries by racist troglodytes before the dinner rolls hit the table.

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I’ve encountered all types of racists in my life, and there are many.

There are those who are overt in how they come at you, those who are cunning in their delivery, and then of course there are those who hide behind their ignorance and pretend to have a willingness…


This is essentially what you are saying when you do whatever you can to screw with us and make our lives a living hell.


Let me ask you this…

“What is it about the color of my skin that offends you?”

“Why is it so important for you to keep me from living my life?”

“Why do you have a problem with my existence?”

“How does it affect your life if I am afforded…

G Correia

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